Protect provides your employees with financial security and is a significant part of the
total employment package

Protect employer

Our industry is very cyclical, Protect provides individual employees with peace of mind. The reality is that a protected workforce is a more productive workforce.

More than 1,200 employers throughout Australia are now participating in the scheme. Join Protect today and boost your employee recruitment and retention efforts.

Employers - Protect: Severance and Income Protection benefits

How do I join Protect?

To join Protect, you are must pay severance and/or income protection to us (on behalf of your employees) in accordance with a certified industrial agreement.

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Protect severance not only allows you to manage your legal redundancy obligations, but also provides tax advantages and steady cash flow management.

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Income protection insurance

Protect's extensive list of benefits ensures the best support for worker recovery, providing your employees with confidence and security so they can focus on the job.

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News and information

Check our news and publications pages for our latest updates.

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